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Current time in Nigeria

Nigeria, the most populous country of Africa gets its name from Niger River which flows all through the country. It is located in the Western part of Africa and comes under West Africa Time of WAT zone. WAT is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time or GMT and is applied in West Central Africa. Hence, current time in Nigeria right now is GMT +1hour.

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Nigeria on Eastern Part of Greenwich

The world is divided into 24 time zones and each zone varies as per its location. Each zone represents one hour of time or 15 of longitudes. As the sun moves eastward, places which are on the Eastern side of Greenwich Meridian and London are ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and countries on West are behind of GMT. Nigeria is on the Eastern part of Greenwich therefore the current time in Nigeria is one hour ahead of GMT.

Time Zone Ideal for European and American Multinationals

The time zone of Nigeria makes the country a good base for multinational companies both in the North America and Europe as the time difference between them is not much. Nigeria being one hour ahead of GMT is same as Central European Time. If the current time in Nigeria is 2PM then places falling under Central European Time will also be the same. The time difference between Nigeria and the US is of five hours. The current time in Nigeria now is 5 hours ahead of the US.

DST not Applicable

Nigeria does not practice Daylight Saving Time or DST. Here you do not have to adjust your clock to save the daylight. In countries which follow DST you have to set your clock one backward in winters and one hour forward in summers for the maximum use of sunlight.

Single Time Zone

Between the 36 states of Nigeria there is a bit difference in sunrise and sunsets. But being on the single time zone the time is same all through it boundaries. The current time in Nigeria is always the same in all places within the country. Nigeria is located at about 18 degrees north of the equator and receives average sunlight between 11.5 and 12.5 hours every day.

Popular Tourist Destination

Nigeria is one of the most popular tourist destinations of West Africa. There are a number of attractions for tourists, such as interesting historical sites, vibrant nightlife, cultural activities, great food, exotic wildlife and colorful festivals. Some of the must visit places of Nigeria are Cross River National Park, Emir's palace, Jos holiday Centre and Yoruba Empire. The best time to visit the country is between Decembers to February.

When to Visit

The climate of Nigeria varies greatly from region to region. The central part has tropical climate, southern part has equatorial weather and North witness's arid weather. Rainy season in the country also greatly varies. Southern part has rains from May to July, North witnesses it from July to August, Western part has it from September to October and Eastern Nigeria has it from April to October.